‘The best of both world’ is a good way to describe me. Born in Kenya, raised in the Netherlands. I have always found it a privilege to grow up with the influences of 2 different cultures. I had all the comforts of the modern world combined with Kenyan hospitality.

Up till my 20’s Kenya was great place to just spend the holidays. Visiting family for a couple of weeks, enjoying the nice weather. In 2006 I decided to head to Kenya for an internship at legal non-profit organization. Those 6 months I spent in Kenya changed my life completely. The years following the trips to Kenya became more frequent and it made me see that  I could have a future in this country.

This country makes you stronger, makes you fight for what you stand for. Anytime I’d accomplish something, which I thought would never happen, I would get this adrenaline rush that made me feel like I was really alive.

With the help of Machaku Sundua, I was able to turn the idea of founding ‘Nakupendakenya safari & tours services’ into a reality.
Now I want to help you meet ‘my’ Kenya. This country should be on anyones bucket list. An adventure that you’ll remember the rest of your life and you’ll never get enough thinking and talking about that amazing trip.

In 2021 we were able to take another step in our business and purchase our first very own safari vehicle. Saying farewell to the safari vans and embarking new adventures with Toyota Landcruisers. From now on we will be taking you on safari in our trusted “Metal Beast”.

Of course I don’t do this alone. I have a team of freelance safari guides who help me to give you an unforgettable trip. All my guides have been personally selected by us and all have the good knowledge about the animals, parks etc. In addition, they all have a huge passion for the profession and they also know how to bring a bit of humor into the journey. All in all, we are a team that works very well with each other with one goal in mind, “delivering a beautiful journey”

Bettina Leka


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