Additional safari activities

Additional safari Activities

Do you want to give your safari an extra twist? That is very much possible! Take a look at some of the additional activities you can add to your safari to give it that extra umph that you are looking for.


At the end of a safari day during your game drive it is always nice just to take a minute to take all the the beauty in. Why not do that while you enjoy a bit of bubbly?
Just sit back and enjoy the view and your drink!

Meals in the bush

Want more than just a drink in the bush? That can be arranged! Add a bush breakfast or bush dinner to your itinerary to create a magical experience that you will not soon forget.

Masai village visit

Learn more about the Masai culture during a visit to their village. Hear them preform some of their traditional songs, join them during their Masai dances and have a jumping contest with a Masai warrior. After all that you get to see their houses and get a tour of their village.

Hot air balloon safari

Definitely an ‘once in a lifetime experience’ is going on a hot air balloon flight during your safari. Head out in the early morning and view the wildlife and scenery from above.
The only two parks at the moment that offer this activity is the Masai Mara & Amboseli National Park.

Helicopter safari

If your budget is a bit bigger and you really want to make the safari special then adding a helicopter tour to some of Kenya’s remote and difficult reachable areas is something for you. Go to place not a lot of people visit and enjoy the scenic routes along the way.

Did you see an activity on list you want to add? Or you have something in mind which is not on the list? Tell us and we will start working on your request right away!


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