Humanitarian expeditions

Humanitarian expeditions

Humanitarian trips

Many of you will probably participate in a lot of fundraising for charities or give an certain amount to a charity every month. By doing so you feel satisfied that you have done something good for people in need. And you are right you have done something good for someone in need.

They are all good initiatives; there is truly nothing wrong with giving money to charity. But wouldn’t you want to see what your money actually does?  Wouldn’t you want to roll up your sleeves and ACTUALLY help out your fellow man in need?

Now I know a trip to Africa cost way more that the amount you give to charity, but you get so much more in return. You will experience the gratitude of the people you help first hand. The community will steal your heart within a few hours and you will have made friends you will never forget.

In collaboration with an American humanitarian organization we organize expeditions to the rural area of the Kenyan coast. You’ll stay within a community for a week where you really get your hands dirty. You can make school desks; make bricks for the construction of a classroom. Start digging the foundation for a classroom. Or if you want to do something really special, you can collect extra money for a larger project, such as providing a village with a well.

You’ll work WITH the community FOR the community. A great way to really help people in need. A good way to spend time with a group of friends, relatives or colleagues. And you will see with your own eyes what your money does, because you did it yourself.

After you have spend a week working for a very good cause and living in the rural area of Kenya we will take you on a well deserved safari. Spend a week enjoying the beauty of Kenya’s most prime parks and go searching for the Big Five.

Are you interested as a company, a group of friends, family or colleagues to embrace this amazing ‘once-in-a-lifetime-experience’? It will be a trip you will always remember!


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