Summary of estimated costs*:
Ticket                                                         $900 to $1150
Agency Fee                                             $200 (one-off)
Airport pick-up                                      $30
Housing                                                    $175 to $400 per month (+ 1 á 2 months deposit if in app)
Tourist visa**                                          $51
Request Internship visa**                $175

* Personal expenses are not included and prices are subject to change!
** Check for the lastet information on the official immigration website

Further explanation of the costs

Depending on the airline and the period in which you are flying, the price of a ticket will vary. Start searching for your ticket early enough and keep an eye out for reduced fares.

Agency fees
I use the ‘no-cure, no pay’ concept. If I don’t find you a suitable internship or volunteer work, you don’t have to pay the agency fee. It will be a one-time fee you’ll pay when I have found a suitable placement for you.  Payment must be made​​ within 7 days after confirmation.
If during my search you decide not to want my services anymore you will be charged $ 30 charge for the costs that have already been made.

Airport pick-up
I will come and pick you up from the airport, no matter what time you arrive. When your accommodation is past bamburi or is in south coast, the prices will be higher than the prices stated above.

Besides arranging an internship/volunteer work I can make sure you get good accommodation. Depending on your budget and requirements, the costs can vary between $ 175 and $ 400 per month, this does not include the cost for water and electricity. The rent has to be paid monthly and in advance.

Tourist visa
You have to have a tourist visa to enter Kenya. You can get the via online via

Work visa
To volunteer or to do your internship in Kenya you’ll have to apply for an internship visa. The costs of such a visa are around $ 175.


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