The written experiences of travellers are very important for a small travel agency like ours. With the help of these reviews future travellers can get a glimpse of what a tour with Nakupendakenya safari & tours would be like.
Here are of the travel stories from our esteemed guests.

“Awsome experiences for life time
Second safari with NakupendaKenya Safaris & Tours Services. October 2018 in Tsavo East; outstanding! April this year we visited Ngutuni sanctuary and Taita Hills. Gave us awsome memories for a lifetime. And this time my guides gave me what they knew was at the top of my wishing list; Cheetah! 

I recommend NakupendaKenya!”

Review by: Geir G.
Date: 14th May 2019
Source: Tripadvisor

“Through a recommendation from another traveller, my mother and I booked a last minute safari to Masai Mara with Nakupendakenya. Bettina was super responsive and professional and arranged everything within a very tight time frame. The trip was one of the best that I’ve taken in my life – we saw so much within a short trip. Our guide/driver really went out of his way (with Bettina’s help!) to make sure we saw as much wildlife as possible. I would definitely recommend them for any trip to Kenya. Thank you again for an incredible trip.”

Review by: Ruoshan T.
Date: 3rd February 2019
Source: Facebook

“My family and I just used Nakupenda for a safari to Tsavo East. Bettina was very responsive to our questions and needs, vehicle was in good condition and we enjoyed the company of our driver/ guide Kelvin. They care about their clients and it is felt throughout the experience. Thank you Nakupenda!”

view by: Audrey D.
Date: 3rd January 2019
Source: Facebook

“Awesome Safari! Helped us figure out everything we wanted to do.
Nakupendakenya exceeded expectations, including ones I didn’t even know I had. 

I went with a group of friends, and Bettina, the owner, came along with us to make sure everything went perfectly, and it did. Nakupendakenya is flexible, fun, thoughtful, honest, dedicated – it’s just run by genuinely good people who work hard to make sure you have a good experience. While based in Mombasa, they do work all over the place and we traveled hundreds of miles together.

We emailed them not really knowing what we should do in Kenya, just that we had tickets to come to Kenya and a few general ideas. Bettina worked with us so we’d get to the best places for us to find animals given our budget and the time of year. We had a few wants that, now that I’ve been, were clearly bad ideas, and she steered us clear of those ideas and helped us plan a much better itinerary for us. 

While a lot of it is luck, we managed to see everything. We saw all members of the big 5 at least twice in 7 days of Safari. She booked great places to stay (one with a watering hole so you’d wake up to elephants drinking outside your tent). 

When we were done in the Maasai Mara, she and Beka (our amazing drive/guide) took us to the airport so we could head to the beach in Diani for a few days. Then they drove down from Mombasa to pick us up from our hotel and drive us to the airport! 

Even when we told them the wrong times for our flights they made it work. When we had a morning of rain, they figured it out and we still got everything done. When someone had an upset stomach, they checked in regularly and made sure he was well taken care of. Truly amazing service. Basically tell them what you’re hoping for, and they’ll make it happen at as reasonable a price as possible. (Just a side note, prices may seem expensive, but having done the research and been there, I can tell you that it does cost more than a seasoned budget traveler might expect for lodging, park entrances, food, etc. But it’s 100% worth it.)

Also, they’re incredibly fun. We laughed until our abs ached and people were crying. Beka was eagle eyed at finding animals and birds, worked the radio and chatted with every other driver we saw to know what animals were where and when. And he was eager to get off the main roads into the bumpy odd side trails where he thought we’d have better chances at seeing stuff. I don’t know what percentage was luck, and what percentage was his skill and hard work, but we saw a ton. He was also great about my constantly asking him to move the safari van so I could get better angles for photos. 

And they’ll only tease you a little if you sing Toto a bunch.”

Reviewed by Nathan J.
Date: 26th September 2018
Source: Tripadvisor

“Great safari, great guides
Bettina and the drivers know their stuff. They kept us on track and always seemed to know where to find the animals we came to see. In just 2 1/2 days, we went to Amboselli and Tsavo East and West. Our driver spotted a Leopard (no pun intended), one of the most difficult big cats to find, just in time for us to see it before it went into hiding. He promised lions, and we saw lions. He stopped long enough so we could get pictures when we came across cool sights like elephants bathing at a watering hole, animals that were close to the van, or just animals we hadn’t seen yet. He was able to answer our questions about the wildlife and Kenya in general, and taught us a few words in Swahili. Bettina took photos during the safari which she provided us at the end. The lodges we stayed in were right next to the parks and were fantastic. You could see animals from them, and they had their own cool creatures, including lizards and monkeys. I would recommend Nakupendakenya if you’re planning a safari.”

Reviewed by Josh B.
Date:18th August 2018
Source: Tripadvisor

“Fantastic Safari Experience
Was a fantastic time! Bettina was so great and a perfect host. her driver, Beka, was an awesome navigator and we got to some really awesome spots and front row views of some of the animals before the other safari vehicles. We got some incredible views and were able to see so many wildlife. The places we stayed at were fantastic. They were so personable and we really bonded with them and they were great to answer all of our questions about the reserves and the animals- very knowledgable. It was such a fantastic trip, I would recommend this to anybody going to Kenya for a Safari. Nakupendakenya is the way to go if looking for a fantastic time and fantastic crew! Very Organized and a lot of fun. I felt I got a great experience for the amount I paid as well. These guys are my favorite and I hope to go back again someday!!”

Reviewed by Megan T.
Date:15th August 2018
Source: Tripadvisor

“Safari in Amboseli and Tsavo East
Bettina and her drivers were great! She was extremely well organized all the way through and went out of her way to understand the needs of the group. Even when we did have some problems that were caused by others she dealt with them cheerfully and professionally. I highly recommend Nakupenda Kenya Safari Tours.”

Reviewed by Lonny W.
Date: 21st February 2018
Source: Tripadvisor

“3-Day Tsavo East & West Safari
Enjoyed a fantastic safari w Nakupendakenya! Our guides were knowledgeable, professional, and delightful. Having Bettina there was a bonus! Great lodges included with the safari price and I got to check cheetahs off my list after missing them on a previous safari in South Africa.”

Reviewed by Carry.
Date: 8th  August 2017
Source: Tripadvisor

“Simply Amazing!!!
The most professional, fun, and knowledgeable crew I have ever encountered! They were determined to give the entire group we were with (24 people) an experience we would never forget. Well they did it, and did it with flare! If there was a score above EXCELLENT I would click that. If you want the Safari of a lifetime choose Nakupendakenya!!!”

Reviewed by Rasfam2017.
Date: 7th  July 2017
Source: Tripadvisor

“Went out of their way
Betina and Beka went out of their way to see that me and my group experienced Kenya in the best way. I instantly felt comfortable and safe with NakupendaKenya. They made sure that we saw all of the wildlife that we could. Betina took amazing pictures of the wildlife and made it available to us. Beka was an amazing driver that went above and beyond to show us an amazing safari without disrupting the animals. I would definitely use NakupendaKenya again in the future.”

Reviewed by Mike G.
Date: 6th  July 2017
Source: Tripadvisor

“A tour group with something for everyone
Our group had 3 great guides. One of them was great at positioning the vehicle for photos, one of them was a great naturalist, and one of them had great stories of the history of the area. All guides and the owner (Bettina) were great. They went out of their way to make sure we saw everything we could. The vehicles were comfortable and clean. They picked us up at and returned us to our hotel in Mombasa. It was about a 3-hour drive. The traffic was horrible on the road, but that is out of the control of this tour company. 

We visited Tsavo East and West and they made the arrangements for lodging for us and always had cold water for us. The drivers stayed as long as we wanted viewing the animals and they had books in the vehicles so we could see pictures and read about habits. In our case, we were curious about the different species of giraffes and the book was very helpful. 

The guides each had a pair of binoculars in the vehicle, but I’d recommend bringing your own pair.”

Reviewed by Pearl
Date: 31st December 2016
Source: Tripadvisor
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