Mombasa - Nairobi trainSights in and around Nairobi
During a visit to Kenya, a trip to the capital city is a must. Nairobi is a diverse city where you can easily spend a few days. For both the adventurous and the cultural tourist there is  plenty to do. If you do not want to go to Nairobi by plane, then there are other ways to get there. A special way to travel to Nairobi is by night train. In the morning you will ride through ‘Nairobi National Park’ and you’re likely to see some wildlife.

Once in Nairobi you have to visit some of the amazing attractions:

Elephant orphanageDavid Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
One of the places that you must see in Nairobi is the ‘ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. This foundation is well known for taking care of elephants orphans. They take care of the elephants until they are strong and old enough to return to their natural habitat. It is a very special experience to be so close to those “little” ones.

Karen Blixen Museum
“I had a farm in Africa at the foot of the Ngong Hills … ” Anyone who knows the book or the movie ‘ Out of Africa’ knows that this is how the story of Karen Blixen begins. To get a brief sense of how it would feel to live in colonial times you should pay a visit to the Karen Blixen Museum.

Nairobi Giraffe Centre
Always wanted to see a giraffe up close or even wanted to kiss it? Well then a visit to the ‘Nairobi Giraffe Centre’ can’t miss . Here you will have the opportunity to feed the giraffes and with a little bit of luck you might even get a kiss! With the money this foundation collects they can continue their work in protecting the Rothschild giraffe.

View from Jamia mosqueJamia Mosque
The most important mosque of Kenya is located in the business district of Nairobi. The Jamia Mosque is a beautiful historic building, which you will find in the middle of busy Nairobi. On Fridays and during the Ramadan it can be so busy that people will have to pray on the street next to the mosque because high amount of people. From the minarets of the mosque you can overlook the city. It is highly recommended to go and see this mosque.

Nairobi National Museum
Want to know a little more about the rich history of Kenya, then visit the ‘Nairobi National Museum’. The museum was built in 1929 and features many historical artifacts from the Kenyan history that are exhibited throughout the museum. On the compound of the museum you can also find the ‘Nairobi Snake Park ‘ where you can learn more about the reptiles of Kenya.

Uhuru Gardens Memorial Park
During a visit to Nairobi, you will have to visit birthplace of Kenyan Republic. In 1963 the first Kenyan flag hoisted in Uhuru Gardens Memorial Park . In 1966 the park was officially declared a national monument. A place to relax for awhile when you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Karura Forest Reserve
Do you really need a break from the busy Nairobi and want to go to a serene place, that is possible! The ‘Karura Forest Reserve’ is a wooded area just outside the center of Nairobi. You can take a nice walk or bike ride through the woods. The park has a number of caves, a waterfall and a beautiful lake.

When you are in Nairobi and want to end your trip with a special night you have to go and eat at the ‘Carnivore’ . When you love meat, this is the place to eat. In the middle of the restaurant they build a huge barbecue. Above the barbecue there are roasting all the meat  on swords and spears. The waiters will come up to your table with all kinds of meat and you can choose what you want to taste. It is a great way to end your Nairobi trip.

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