Keniaanse maaltijdRestaurants Mombasa
Wanna go eat somewhere else than at your hotel? Possible! Mombasa has a lot to offer when it comes to food. There are many different cuisines to choose from. From Indian to Italian cuisine, Mombasa has it all!

Do you fancy delicious Indian food, then you need to go to Shehnai! The food is delicious, the service excellent and everything is arranged to perfection. The waiters and doorman walking around in traditional costume which makes it even more authentic. Do not know what to choose from the menu? Feel free to ask the waiter what the specialties are.

Tamarind is a fancy restaurant, which is primarily known for its excellent seafood dishes. They work with the best ingredients and make delicious meals. The restaurant is situated  at the waterfront and from the terrace you can see the old port of Mombasa. Would you like to make dinner even more special, then go eat on the Tamarind Dhow. A dhow is a traditional Arab sailing vessel. During the night you will be provided with delicious food and great music.

Want to eat where the locals eat, then Tarboush a very good option. They serve mainly traditional Swahili dishes and everything is made fresh. They have some specialties like the naan, chicken tika, pilau and biryani. The waiters are very friendly and the atmosphere is good.

Cafe Mocha
If you’re suddenly craving a delicious cup of coffee then you need to go Cafe Mocha. There you can fully enjoy coffee, iced coffee , iced tea and delicious milkshakes. Additionally, you can choose from there wide variety  of pastry.

When you want to go out and have a nice meal with the backdrop of the Indian Ocean, then Yul’s the right place. They serve several delicious meals, but they are really known for their ice cream. It is so yummy!

Blue Room
Blue Room is definitely one of the most famous restaurants in Mombasa. It has many different dishes from different cuisines, from samosas to donuts. I has a canteen atmosphere so it is more a restaurant where you will have lunch or a snack instead of dinner.

Iced hibiscustea

Dorman’s is a famous coffee brand in Kenya, so if you want some of their tasty coffee you will need visit their cafe. You can get delicious coffee, cappuccino, espresso and iced coffee. In addition, they also have an assortment of teas and smoothies . They do not only serve delicious drinks, you can have a good meal there too!

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