Giving back
Always had the feeling you had to go out into the world to help people who are less fortunate then yourself? To really help people by donating your time and knowledge instead of sending money? There are plenty of projects and organizations who can use your help. Volunteering in Kenya will give you a feeling of gratification and it also gives you an opportunity to get to know the incredible Kenyan culture and beautiful nature. It will be an experience you’ll treasure for the rest of you life!

Nairobi centreVolunteering
There are enough different organizations eagerly awaiting your help.
You might be able to do volunteer work at a:
– Legal nonprofit organization
– Humanitarian organization
– School
– Orphanage
– Hospital

Is your preferred volunteer work not mentioned in the list above? Don’t hesitate and contact me, so I can go and find it for you!

The volunteering that I will be arranging, will mainly be localized in and around Mombasa. Mombasa is Kenya’s second city and is situated at the coast. It is a city visited by a lot of tourist. Mombasa is a very accessible city where you can easily find your way. The people are very welcoming and there are many cultures that come together here. It has  a very relaxed atmosphere, sometimes it is too relaxing which means you will have to be more patient then you’re used to.

If you are interested in volunteering in another city, no problem! Please contact me and I will see what the possibilities are.

What should you arrange?
Before you go to Kenya you have to be sure some practical things are arranged. Below you will find a brief checklist.
– The validity of your passport
– The appropriate work visa
– The vaccinations and malaria medication
– The right travel and medical insurance

What can I do for you?
First I’m going to start looking for a suitable place for you to volunteer. A organization which will meet your requirements and could really use your help. Besides searching for suitable volunteer work, I will help you find a good place to stay. Your own room with a host family or shared apartment where you can relax and where you will feel safe. Finally I will help you to prepare for your volunteering and will also give you guidance during your time in Kenya.

Prison gardenCosts
Want to know what the costs are if you volunteer in Kenya? Click here for list of costs.

Can’t wait to go to volunteer in Kenya? Or do you still have some questions and would like more information about the options out there for you? Do not hesitate and contact me!
Tell me:
– What kind of volunteering you’re looking for
– How long you want to volunteer
– Add a short motivation why you want an internship in Kenya

After I receive your request I will start looking for suitable volunteer work for you!

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